Ancient but Enchanting Andorra la Vella

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Andorra la Vella lies at the east of the Pyrenees, the fabulous mountains that loom majestically above this quaint Spanish city. Andorra is considered a beautiful attraction for many who want a diverse culture yet Spanish overall. This city is strategically positioned close to France and Spain. As the capital of the Andorra Principality, it is a real cosmopolitan set up with 45% Spanish, 11% Portuguese, 7% French and 33% Andorra. Its diverse population makes Andorra la Vella an interesting tourist attraction to indulge in its varied culture and tradition.


Although there are more Spanish than Andorrans, Catalan is the preferred spoken language in Andorra la Vella. However, with the diverse cultures, there are sure to be a varied range of languages spoken such as Castilian, Portuguese and French. The original meaning of this town’s name is an interesting point to note; surprisingly, Andorra la Vella just means Old Andorra with reference to the ancient times of its origins, where it remains as it has always been since its inhabitation.


Andorra la Vella is really a beautiful quaint town which any visitor would fall in love with; its picturesque setting makes this ancient town an antique. Andorra was one of the first few settlements in this region in ancient days. It was formerly known as Barri Antic by its first settlers due to the numerous stoned streets and stoned houses that make it so uniquely antique. These were the simple dwellings of Andorra la Vella’s first settlers. As the town grew and adopted much of today’s modernism, the old spot is now known as the ancient quarter that is located between 2 sections - Esglesia de St. Esteve and Placeta del Puial. No visitor should miss this ancient spot in Andorra to get a feel of the ancient days.


One of the 2 sections near the ancient quarter is the church of Sant Esteve. Its antique structure proves to be a tourist attraction where no similarity can be found anywhere else in Andorra la Vella. This is actually an 11th century church that was built in Romanesque style. There are a few intriguing paintings that are bound to fascinate the visitors if they were to observe carefully this church’s interior designs. These intriguing paintings prove to be a greater attraction than the church structure itself as these art pieces are truly ancient and unique.

Another interesting Andorra construction is the castle or Casa de la Vall. This House of Valley is actually the parliament house of Andorra since 1703. The building itself was constructed in the 1580s as a family residence before the Andorran government took over as their parliament. This House of Valley is very unique in its construction in terms of its architecture and designs on its interior. It is also full of history which the visitor must appreciate slowly.

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Ancient but Enchanting Andorra la Vella

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Ancient but Enchanting Andorra la Vella

This article was published on 2011/01/13