Cooking in the ancient Rome

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Throughout the day, the ancient Romans made three main meals: jentaculum, prandium and Coen. The first meal corresponded more or less, to our breakfast; was based on bread, cheese, milk, honey, dried fruit and wine was consumed very quickly. In late morning we made another quick snack and cold seafood, bread, fruit, vegetables and wine.Correspond, roughly, to our room but it was so "spartan" there was no need to set the table or even wash their hands after a meal.The important meal took place, however, after the usual bath in the afternoon at the spa and, at times, lasted until dawn the next day. Caligula during mealsCoen (dinner), at first, but was consumed in the lobby when the houses became more extensive and articulate and above all where the wealth of the ruling class made it possible, took place in the "triclinium" (dining room) where the landlord did have the "triclinari" (beds / couches) on which the guests could lie down.

The ancient Romans ate lying on "triclinari, leaning sideways on his left arm and holding the right to grab free food at low tables all due diligence.The guest of honor was entitled to a place of honor, called "console" and it was the right of the "triclinar" central place to the front door so that a messenger could communicate with ease, an urgent message. The landlord had to sit to the left of the guest of honor. The richest residences, they could enjoy more dining rooms: the "triclinio" summer and winter oriented north oriented to the west which used up the last ray of sunshine.The oldest kitchen was very basic, cereal, beans, cheese and fruit. With the conquest of the East acquired the flavors and fragrances that we today can look like a mix between the east and the medieval kitchen. The new achievements came, of course, only on the tables of the rich.What we know today comes mainly from the cookbook of Apicius, a famous gastronome of the Imperial age, who wrote: "De re coquinaria" where do we draw the increased knowledge on ancient Roman cuisine.

The main ingredient in Roman cooking was "garum" a brine used, probably, instead of salt, very expensive and difficult to find. Pepper, cumin and spices were the most popular Ligustico and "dishes" were meat, mainly pork.A feature of the cuisine of ancient Rome was the combination of contrasting flavors like the sweet and spicy or sweet with spicy.Surely today's recipes famous chef Apicius would not have much success as the Romans of the time were very tasteful and appetizing. Most of the population, which was not rich, food consumption was much simpler, mainly from cereals, legumes and fruits, little meat surely and certainly could not afford to do dinner in the "triclinia" let alone lying on the comfortable beds / couches. The disadvantage was to eat less, the advantage of eating, probably more healthy without the use of condiments such as "garum" and without excessive consumption of meat that often, in the rich caused the disease of gout.

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When You book an apartment in Rome Apartment in Rome , with us You'll realize how beautiful and magic this city is.

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Cooking in the ancient Rome

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