Learn about some of the most ancient Naples Monuments

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Naples is described as the most beautiful and attractive city in Italy. It is one of the cities in Italy with the strongest economic status since the Greek’s colonization. This city is famous around the globe for the presence of so many ancient Monuments, which act as the main tourism attraction. If you are planning to visit the city, it is good to learn about some of the ancient monuments.

Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the monuments built in the remembrance of the conquerors who governed the kingdom of Naples. This structure features eight stone sovereigns, which represent each conqueror’s dynasty. It is decorated in the inside to portray the great look of a palace. Furthermore, its internal compartments consist of, the court theater, the throne room, the hanging garden among others. For those who would want to have an experience of what happened during the olden days, visiting this place would be a great idea.

The City’s old town is also classified as part the ancient monuments. This is because there are still traces of the Graeco-roman city that existed in the 7th century. What is more, it still contains structures of shops, temples and roads used in those days. However due to developments that have been done, some of the structures have had replacements as generations pass. Nevertheless, there are simple marks put for their remembrance.

Crypta Neapolitana with Virgil’s tomb is another. This structure’s most important remains are in the center of Antico, which has always been a unique frame of reference. It contains the Greek walls, the statue of the Nile god and the temple of the Dioscuri among others. Regardless of the developments made in this city, these structures have always remained the same, though renovations have kept them standing.

The Decumani and Cardini roads of the Graeco-Roman are still visible. The Greeks colonizers built these roads that featured dotted bricks. Their remains are found everywhere in the historical center. It is good to note that most of the ancient monuments in Naples have been intact for over 27 centuries. This has given archeology in the city a new face.

In conclusion, if you still want to learn about some of the ancient monuments in Naples, there are history books, which are stored in most of museums world wide, or you can search on the internet.

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Learn about some of the most ancient Naples Monuments

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This article was published on 2010/10/06