Psychic Readings and Divination, From Myths and Legends

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Psychic readings have been the subject of controversy for centuries, and its history can be dated as early as ancient civilizations when humans first discovered the art of writing, where they have left clues on the importance of spirituality for our ancestors. Earliest writing records on clay tablets suggests an era where the world at large was seen through the lenses of belief which consisted of mystical beings and magical entities which we do not fully understand today.

Psychic clairvoyants are individuals who practice ways to predict events, there are many spiritual and psychic related websites online. Due to advancements of internet and broadband technologies, psychics through out the globe also have taken their talents to world stage. The word psychic originates from Greek language meaning "of the soul" yet when we look further into the past, we come to see written records which mentions second sight abilities, dream analyzers and astrologers and alike. We can then clearly say that those who had unique abilities to foresee the future or predict events are not a new phenomenon. There is a form of divination which is called dowsing, dowsing is a method used to search for hidden objects using sticks or rods. It's not known where this form of divination originates from, yet cave paintings in the Sahara from around 5000 to 6000 B.C consists of a person holding this particular divining tool. Not to mention famous bible stories where those who had visions to foresee the future. The most ancient divination form is called geomancy (divination by interpreting the patters and shapes of objects) where by a person holds a handful of seeds, pebbles, sticks or even sand and gently tosses it on the ground and interprets positions of the objects as they fall to the ground. I chin divination is a form of geomancy which is still practiced today.

Geomancy is said to be used by psychics in ancient Middle East, (Ancient Egypt) where by divination by looking at the cracks of the earth was performed. This is quite interesting because those who lived near the river Nile were depended on this mighty river, but this life giving river was also subject to seasonal flooding, and it's known fact that the ancient rulers of Egypt sent those who understood geometry, couldn't the rulers also have sent psychics who understood geomancy? The answer for this theory is open to debate, yet it is very logical to reason with, because those who lived in this area (ancient Egypt) around 5000 B.C were also highly spiritual. We simply need to take a look at the marvelous buildings they have built for their belief systems

We can see that through the ancient era to our modern lives, psychics and those who have ability to see vision are still being doubted. The history of psychic divination and it's branches are rooted deep in history, from Roman Greek literature to myths and legends of the east. Those who could have visions have always been around, and we'll continue to be the case for years to come.

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Psychic Readings and Divination, From Myths and Legends

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This article was published on 2010/03/31