Street Fighting Moves - 3 Reasons Why Most Martial Arts Are Obsessed With Ancient Oriental Culture

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Have you ever thought for a moment why the fascination with fighting and ancient oriental culture prevails whenever the subject of self defense is brought up? There are reasons that are sublime and not so obvious to the average thinker. In this article, you will discover 3 startling reasons why there is such a fascination, even to the point of obsession, with martial arts and how it relates to ancient oriental culture.

The 3 Reasons Why Traditional Martial Arts Are Obsessed With Ancient Oriental Culture

Reason #1 - It's Hypnotic - For some strange reason, when you don the oriental gi or the kung fu uniform, lose your shoes, go bare feet and listen to your sensei count out the metered steps and moves of your kata in the original Japanese from 1 to 10, i.e, "Ish, Nee, Son, Ru...", you get to feel and believe that you have been transported and are someone and some where exotic (and maybe even mystical) where you are not. (This of course all happens on an unconscious level below your lucid, cognitive perception.) It's kind of like instead of watching a movie, you get to participate in it and become the movie itself.

Reason #2 - Once You Become An Earnest Student of Traditional Martial Arts, You Subjugate Common Sense - Oh, you don't agree with me on this one? Then why are you asked to practice in bare feet when in the streets you are never attacked in your bare feet (unless of course you live on the beach)? Why is it that you are taught techniques of how to use ancient weaponry like nunchukas, shiruken star and swords? When will you ever be able to legally carry around these old and outdated weapons? The answer is never. Most of the ancient oriental weapons taught are illegal to carry and to use almost anywhere you go. You never even consider the impracticality of these outdated weapons taught precisely because of the hypnotic, "romantic" effect (of Reason #1) causing a "subjugation-reaction" of common sense which you never stop to consider and you are not even aware of.

Reason #3 - The Avid Student of Traditional Martial Arts, Imbued With Ancient Oriental Culture, Will Vehemently Defend What Is Taught To Them With An Almost "Religious" Passion - If you ever try to talk common sense with a traditional martial artist, those who study and practice karate, kung fu, taekwondo or hapkido, as it was taught hundreds of years ago, and ask them to question their beliefs about the usefulness of their systems will evoke an almost mindless, evangelistic fervor of defense over whatever it is that they are practicing - without question. Like a good soldier who must fight whatever battle where ever he is sent, you, as a good student, must do what you are told and must never question nor think beyond what your "master" has taught you to do.

If you have in the least bit become angry over this article, then you know who I am talking about.

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Street Fighting Moves - 3 Reasons Why Most Martial Arts Are Obsessed With Ancient Oriental Culture

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This article was published on 2010/03/26