Visiting Al Karnak And Its Impressive Monuments

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Raised on the location of the ancient city of Thebes, Al Karnak is a place that will certainly impress any visitor. Among the hottest tourist destinations in Egypt, the complex at Karnak suffered many changes over the years yet, the redecoration operations succeeded in preserving it well. The most important building in Karnak is represented by the Amun Temple, which is over three millenniums old. The rulers that took over Egypt always seemed to find something to add to the famous temple. Once in front of it, you will be impressed with the entrance guarded by sphinxes and the obelisk sitting next to it, which is the highest in all Egypt. It is considered, however, that the most impressive feature of the temple is represented by the Great Hypostyle Hall, erected by the pharaohs Seti I and Ramses II. The hall is made of 134 stone pillars, each carefully decorated. The site is stunning, stretching over six thousand square meters.

The place of ancient Thebes is abundant in history and monuments. Once upon a time, the capital city of Egypt stood proud on the banks of the Nile River. You will find most of the temples on the east shore, since east was associated by ancient Egyptians with life and the rising sun. On the west bank, you will find the pyramids and the tombstones of the ancient kings, as the west was associated with sun setting and, therefore, with death.

Karnak is considered to be the most important religious structure dating from the times of the ancient Egypt. Here, the most important religious practices were carried on. People come here in pilgrimage, or simply drawn by the stunning views of the temple complex for more than three millenniums. Just to imagine how impressive the sites at the Amun temple are, think of over 10 European style cathedrals put one next to another. The temple alone stretches over 60 acres of land.

The temple was erected to honor the most important god, Amun Ra. The importance of this deity was decided after many battles but, after being decided as the victorious god, Amun Ra became the god of the gods in ancient Egypt. Therefore, Karnak was built to appease him and it transformed into the largest religious complex in the country.

Besides the Amun temple, the complex includes other temples, chapels and pylons. Besides Amun Ra, the ancient Egyptians were honoring here the god's wife, Mut, and their son, Khonso.

The religious complex at Karnak is one of the most important ancient buildings in the entire world, and not just because of its size, but because of its exquisite architecture, impressive construction and significance. People still come here to take in the breathtaking views of the place and the air simply breathes mythology. If you want to explore the secrets of the ancient Egypt, take a trip to Al Karnak, and learn about the old gods that once protected the lands on both shores of the Nile River.
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Visiting Al Karnak And Its Impressive Monuments

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